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Ethics Forum

A Discussion of Ethics in Today's World
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Welcome to ethics_forum!

This is a forum to discuss all kinds of ethical issues, both practical and theoretical.

If you want to explore the ethical implications of an action, share thoughts on ethical trends in our society, discuss a controversial issue, or simply get thoughts on an ethical problem close to you, this is the place to post!

There's just one rule:

1. Keep it civil. That means no ad hominem attacks. Personal insults will not be tolerated. The initial instigator will be warned, and if the behavior continues, banned.

and a few guidelines:

2. It's fine to attack an argument, even aggressively or emotionally. While I don't approve of unnecessary cursing and melodrama, I understand that some of these issues are emotional. However, mere ranting isn't going to win you a lot of points in this community, so try to acknowledge and respond to specific points raised in the discussion.

3. If you repeatedly ignore points raised by another debater in response to a post or comment you've made, I may step in to point that out.

4. If the argument is going in circles, try to agree to disagree rather than drag an argument out endlessly trying to get in the last word.

I'll be adding more here as the forum picks up and I find the time. Until then, please feel free to make any suggestions concerning the forum/community!